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With rigorous certifications in dog training, counseling, canine separation anxiety, and K9 Nose Work®, as well as Fear Free Professional credentials, Martin Training & Behavior, LLC is your choice when looking for dog training that is effective, humane, and supportive of your specific training goals.


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Dog Training Services

Martin Training & Behavior is currently scheduling virtual K9 Nose Work®, Puppy, and separation anxiety training sessions at your convenience. Private in-your-home sessions are also available for Nose Work and Puppy in the Kansas City, KS area.

Group Puppy and K9 Nose Work® classes are available in North Kansas City.

If you have other dog training needs, please visit the Resources page for suggested referrals. 



Available North Kansas City, MO

You have a brand new bundle of joy sitting at your feet, looking at you with adoring eyes, full of mischievousness, boundless energy, and that sweet puppy breath.

Are you wondering where your sweet doting puppy has gone? Are you worried you, or your pup, may not survive adolescence

Help for all your group class needs.

Miss sassy pants


Available everywhere online and Kansas City, KS in-home

Need help with a mischievous puppy or an out-of-control teenager? Group classes don't work for your busy life or your location? Want the whole family involved but can't get everyone in the same place at the same time?Quality, focused training is a reality with private training.

Help for all your puppy training needs.

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K9 Nose Work®

Available North Kansas City, MO

K9 Nose Work® is the perfect activity for every single dog that lives in a home.

Sound like fiction?

Ask your dog.


K9 Nose Work®

Available everywhere online and Kansas City, KS in-home

Can't find the time to attend a class but need some help with Nose Work? 


One-on-one help for:

Hunting for Primary

Transitioning to Target Odor

Building drive, independence, confidence 

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Separation Anxiety

Available everywhere online

 Without treatment, SA will worsen over time. Treating the condition requires time and patience, but with a success rate of over 73%, there is hope.


Our program will show your dog how to relax and enjoy his alone time.

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About Tracy

Certified Dog Trainer & Counselor; Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer; Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI®).


A dog enthusiast and a lover of learning, Tracy lives a majority of time in the wonderous world of Dogsville, staying current on all that is good for dogs and their people.

What Clients Say

Thank you for all that you do for Hope, Henna, Harley, Halo, Harper, and Holden! I hope you know how much you are appreciated. I don't know if you truly understand the peace of mind that you give me week in and week out. My fur babies clearly love you to pieces 

Tracy was wonderful helping with ideas for our rescue pup with his fear of my husband. We are looking forward to using her service again. Thanks Tracy! 

- Tammy in Leavenworth 

You are flat out amazing love the class loved the energy in the room and thank you so so much for your help with my puppy you're amazing!

- Mary in Gladstone

- Julie in Merriam