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11 Years of Dog Training Experience

At the heart of Martin Training & Behavior is the founder and owner, Tracy Martin. Tracy has served the pets of Kansas City since 2006 as a pet sitter and dog walker and since 2012 as a dog trainer. 

Tracy holds undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Anthropology and a graduate degree in Experimental Psychology. 


Tracy is an honors graduate of the prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers, a two-year, intensive program where she increased her knowledge of animal learning theory, applied animal behavior, behavior modification and counseling. She is one of two CTC's in Kansas.

Tracy is certified through Malena DeMartini's three-month, landmark Separation Anxiety course for dog trainers, where she learned the specifics of applying behavior modification techniques to the canine disorder of home alone distress. Tracy is the only Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer in the Kansas City Metro.

Tracy is certified through Leslie McDevitt's Certified Control Unleashed Instructor program, where she learned to use the magic of Control Unleashed to help doggos that have BIG feelings about the world.


Tracy is certified from two prestigious UK based scent work organizations to teach pet dog scent work, is a Certified Nose Work Instructor® with the National Association of Canine Scent Work, and is a certified evaluator for Cyber Scentwork. 


Tracy is a Fear Free Certified Professional trainer, committed to guiding dogs and their families gently and intelligently. 

Tracy shares her life with three black and tan Littles: Doc Holliday, Maybel, and Herrick, all who are helping her learn about the world through the dog's nose.  

Kansas City certified force-free dog trainer Tracy Martin with Golden Retriever friend, Hope

Huge Improvement in Dogs

"I am very impressed with Tracy's training skills. I have seen a huge improvement in my dogs since Tracy started working with them."

-Henna, Hope, and Blaze's mom, Julieanne

Science-based, non-aversive dog training works because it: 


Rewards your dog when they get it right, and encourages them to keep trying when they get it wrong.


Motivates your dog using food, toys, and life rewards. As a result, there are no scary side-effects-only good feels and eager learners.


Fosters and deepens the companion-guardian bond. Your dog will love to train!

Martin Training & Behavior never uses pain or fear to train your dog. My promise is that you and your dog will feel good about training.


We are whole-heartedly committed to force-free dog training that is rooted in modern behavioral science.

Can you Guarantee You'll Fix My Dog?

Offering a guarantee is a red flag when you are searching for a dog trainer. It is unethical to guarantee training results. There are too many variables involved. We will, however, do everything in our power to ensure that you and your dog are HAPPY and SATISFIED.


Consumer protection warning:
In the US, and in most other countries, dog training is an unregulated industry. There are no minimum educational or experiential requirements. Click here to review the American Veterinary Society for Animal Behavior's position statements to guide dog families in choosing a trainer.

Are you ready to begin training? We're here to get you started.



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