Private In Home Puppy Training
for puppies that are 7 weeks to 3 years of age*

There are many questions to ask yourself before deciding if in home puppy training is right for you:

  • Would you prefer to train at home, but need or want the guidance of a certified, force free trainer? 

  • Need just the basics or advice but you're aware and able to provide the socialization and enrichment that baby and adolescent puppies must have during these developmental periods?

  • Does the thought of driving to a group sesssion during rush hour traffic make your blood run cold?

Get Started with Private In Home Puppy Training 


Session Details

When crazy schedules or other restrictions make more typical training impossible, effective online sessions are a reality.


What: Puppy Prep online training is for puppies 7 weeks-20 weeks of age and Surviving Adolescence online training is for puppies 20 weeks-3 years of age.


Where: Homes Everywhere 


When (CST): Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 9-12am

Tuesdays, and Fridays

9-12am and 3-7pm

Starting at $139 ​


Yep! Really! Online dog training is the perfect way to incorporate successful training into your life.   It makes it easier to accommodate a busy schedule and all your household members can join in remotely, even if they are away from home! 


Online dog training progresses much the same as in-your-home training, with the exception that, at the time of scheduled training sessions, instead of answering the doorbell, you'll gather your training partners and pup, turn on your video device, and wave hello.


Equipment needed

You don't need to be an IT geek to do an online training session. In fact, with today's technology, you likely already have all that you need:  


  • Hardware: A laptop or tablet with a webcam or a smartphone.

  • Software: Zoom, Skype or Facetime

  • Interface: An internet connection and boom, you're set!    

Included in Private Online Puppy Training:


You can expect to receive one-on-one, private coaching, and cheerleading, from the comfort of your own home. 


During our session: 

  • We demo training techniques and how to's with our at home helpers.

  • We coach you through it with your own pup.

  • You start on your path to a new life with your pup!


My responsibilities between sessions:  

  • Email you an easy-to-follow summary outlining your personalized training plan.

  • Email you accompanying detailed handouts with more in-depth information to help you meet your training goals.

  • Provide accompanying videos with more in-depth information to help you meet your training goals.


Your responsibilities between sessions:

  • Complete homework assignments.

  • As needed, video yourself training your dog to get extra coaching on your timing and mechanics. 

  • Get email support if you get stuck before our next session.

Private In Home Baby Puppy and Adolescent Puppy Training Packages ​

Training Consultation $139


In our initial 90-minute consultation, we'll get a good understanding of the what's and why's of dog behavior, provide management options to get you immediate relief from any problem behaviors, and formulate a training plan that gets you and your dog on the road to reaching your training goals. In some instances, the consultation will be all you need. In others, we'll schedule additional online sessions as needed to effectively address your dog concerns.

Starter Training Package $239


The Starter package includes an initial 90-minute consultation, one 60-minute private session, an easy-to-follow summary outlining your personalized training plan, detailed handouts with more in-depth information to help you meet your training goals, and email support if you get stuck before our next session.

Additional Ala Carte Training $109

Ready for more?!  We'll be with you, every step of the way! Single sessions are purchased 60 minutes at a time.  

Additional 4 Session Package Training Sessions $399

Package sessions are purchased in four-hour packs at a time. Our best value!

What are you waiting for? 

I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me and this wonderful dog of mine. He owes his success to your methods and patience. Yes, he is a mess at times, but still an incredible dog. I look forward to many more years of his energy. I will always give your name if I know of anyone who is looking for someone to help with their dog.

- Erik, KCKS

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How does online training work? It can't really be as good as in person, can it? Is my 2 year-old-dog still a puppy?*


We've got answers.