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Group Dog Training Classes

Because Martin Training & Behavior believes so strongly that proper management, enrichment, and training of dogs  is the key to heading off behavior problems (those that cause dogs to lose their homes), we offer group classes for puppies from 7 weeks all the way to 52 weeks of age. You are sure to find an option that fits your needs.

Where: The Dogs' Spot in North KCMO 

When: Saturdays 8:30-9:30am, Mondays and Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm


Congratulations! You have a brand new bundle of joy sitting at your feet, looking at you with adoring eyes, full of mischievousness, boundless energy, and that sweet puppy breath. Now what?!


Veterinary behaviorists and certified trainers all agree that the number one priority for puppy families is to participate in a socialization program, beginning as soon as their puppy comes home. Puppy Prep at The Dogs' Spot is a first step towards a lifetime with a happy, safe, social dog! 


In Puppy Prep, we focus on introducing your puppy to new people, other puppies, sights, sounds, and handling that they will likely be exposed to during their lifetime, in ways that will help them form positive associations. You'll receive tips on additional out-of-class socialization, household manners, house training, and puppy biting, among others. Basic behaviors covered in the class include sit, coming when called, leash walking, wait, touch, and much more.


After completing a Behavior and Training 101 orientation, you can start any time. All puppies are welcome, including wallflowers, social butterflies, shrinking violets, and Tarzans.


Prerequisites: Handler has attended Behavior and Training 101 orientation, puppy is between 7 weeks and 16 weeks, and has started their puppy vaccinations at least 7 days prior to starting class.

Starting at $189 ​

Puppy Prep Group Class

(7 weeks-16 weeks)


Weekly themed activities:

  • Home Hangin'

  • Kitchen Confidential

  • Veterinary Visits

  • Neighborhood Knows

  • Grooming Guidance

  • BBQ Behavior

Surviving Adolescence Group Class

(20 weeks-12 months) ​

Where: The Dogs' Spot in North KCMO 

When: Saturdays 9:45-10:45am and 11-12pm,

Mondays and Wednesdays 8-9pm

Are you wondering where your sweet doting puppy has gone? Are you worried you, or your pup, may not survive adolescence? We hear you! And we can help!

Join us as we negotiate the challenges of puppies becoming dogs. Learn how behaviors taught in a controlled environment are our saving grace in the messy real world.

Surviving Adolescence is a 6 week journey to the dog you've always 
knew you wanted! 


After completing a Behavior and Training 101 orientation, you can start anytime. Adolescents must be comfortable with strange people and dogs. 

Prerequisites: Handler has attended Behavior and Training 101 orientation, 
puppy is between about 5 months and 12 months of age, and has completed their puppy vaccination series.

Starting at $189 ​

Weekly themed activities:


  • Pogo Pups

  • Kitchen Confidential

  • Park Positives

  • Home Hangin'

  • Neighborhood Knows

  • Body/Brain Bonanza


Got questions about group dog training classes?


How will me and my dog do in a group setting? How will me and my dog be treated in group classes? What's required in order to attend classes? Can I bring my kids too?



We've got answers.