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Please Note: For all links that take you to Amazon, Martin Training & Behavior earns a bit of $ if you buy. The cost for you is the same and I'd never include a product I haven't used and my doggos didn't give a paws up to.

Important: Please consult your veterinarian before trying new food or treats and monitor/supervise your dog when giving them new chews or toys to ensure they'll interact with them safely. 

Dog Food

What you feed your dog is a personal choice and should be made in consultation with your veterinarian. I like using a portion of my dog's daily food ration as training treats – measure out food for the day, give a little bit of breakfast in an enrichment item, like a  snuffle mat or toppl, use some for training during the day, and whatever is left can be given for dinner, again in an enrichment item.

Training Treats

If you are training your dog on the regular (which I hope you are), you'll want to both control for the extra calories and have great training treats on hand for the new/hard behaviors. Many dogs will happily train for a portion of their regular meal, at home. This allows good control of calorie intake. If weight gain is a concern and you need to increase the value of your training treats, you can jazz up their regular low-cal ration by powderizing freeze-dried treats and mixing the powder in with their "boring" treats. For the really hard stuff, like behavior modification or when training around lots of distractions (e.g., group classes), you'll likely need to use extra high value. On days when extra high value treats are in the offering, reduce their meal rations to avoid an over-abundance of calories. 

Training Gear




Mental Enrichment

I always say, "If you're feeding your dog from a bowl, you're missing an opportunity to enrich them." Dogs evolved as scavengers. They are meant to travel, using their nose, to find their food. Give them the opportunity to engage their brain and their nose with a food delivery system that requires sniffing, snuffling, and licking.

Nose Work Supplies

For supplies such as odor vessels and NACSW approved target odor (birch, anise, and clove), please visit:


For everything else, see Amazon links below.

Control Unleashed Supplies

Separation Anxiety/Noise Sensitivity


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