Resources for Dog Families in Kansas City

Other Local Kansas City Dog Trainers

If you are looking for dog training services that Martin Training & Behavior does not offer, we recommend the following local force free trainers.

In-person, In-home Training & Seminars

Mike Deathe, Kiss Dog Training

Provides in-home training, group classes, and special topic training

(913) 269-7595



Group Adult Dog (18+ months) & Agility Training


Laura Hills, The Dogs' Spot

Provides group classes from Basic Obedience to Agility

(816) 436-SPOT (7768)



In-home & Group Class Reactive Dog Training, Tricks, Husbandry


Greg Laslo, Greg Laslo Training

Provides group classes and private training (focus on leash reactivity, trick training, husbandry)

(816) 309-9004


Service Dog

Melissa Laub, KCK9 Coach

Provides in-home training, boarding (focus on service dog training)

Board & Train


Pete and Amber Dahl, Turn Around Dogs Behavior & Training

Provides in-home training, group classes, and sitting/boarding

(913) 940-3659 or (913) 948-2837

Melissa Laub, KCK9 Coach

Provides in-home training, boarding


Board & Train, In-person, In-home Training for Fearful and/or Aggressive Adult Dogs

Kristyn & Sean Savage, Beyond the Dog

Kansas City Dog Walkers & Pet Sitters

Melissa Henderson, Melissa's Menagerie

(913) 831-8970


Annette Flowers, Pongo's Pet Services


Carol Turner, Carol's Pet Sitting

(816) 808-9994

Day Care & Boarding Centers

Eagle Animal Hospital & Pet Resort

Daycare and Boarding

 (816) 239-0810

Melissa's Menagerie

Daycare and Boarding

(913) 831-8970


Piper Heritage-Primary Care

(913) 553-3600

Mariposa Veterinary Wellness Center-Primary Care

(913) 825-3330

Eagle Animal Hospital & Pet Resort-Primary Care

 (816) 239-0810

VCA Fairway Animal Hospital-Primary Care

(913) 432-7611

Blue Pearl-Emergency and after hours

(913) 642-9563

Mission Veterinary Emergency and Specialty-Emergency and after hours

(913) 722-5566

Educational Websites/FB Groups

"Aims to strengthen the bond between dogs and their people by teaching how to read dogs’ body language to understand their emotional states and teaching why dogs do what they do"

"If you live with or are working with a scared or shy dog, this is the place to find information to help you be more effective in rehabilitating your dog."

"The experts in helping dogs with separation anxiety."


Canine Enrichment

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