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Why Online Dog Training for Canine Separation Anxiety?

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For a long time, we've known that slow and steady systematic desensitization was the only effective treatment for separation anxiety, but even if we were able to do it right, that didn't mean we were consistently able to do it well. We could never see what was going on behind the door when we left the dog alone. We could only guess, and sometimes we were wrong.


Until technology caught up with us. Now, with virtual tech (e.g. Zoom and Skype; laptops, smartphones, and tablets), we can watch the dog handle his owner's absence in real time, from around the block or around the world. We can see when he's tolerating an absence, and when he's not.


And we do all that without our presence affecting the training. When you add a trainer to the environment, smelling of other dogs and wonderous hotdoggy things, it changes the picture for your dog. Virtual training allows us to keep the picture the same for the dog, so how they react to your absence is a true read of how they are feeling, without any messy trainer present side effects.

What are you waiting for?

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